Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Kshetram

Praying for Universal Peace, Prosperity and all-round welfare

About the Temple – "Kshetra Mahatmya"

The Lord of Sri Mahalakshmi, Sriman Narayana incarnates Himself in this earth to uplift the worldly-stricken human souls from the wheel of birth and death and bestow upon them the eternal bliss by drawing them to His lotus feet. The Lord’s manifestations are always mysterious and beyond human comprehension, as is evidenced in the Narasimha Avatara. The entire Avatara lasted only a few minutes on this earth. One such wonderful manifestation happened in Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Kshetram, in Belagola village, also called as “Simha Giri”, located at Srirangapatna Taluk, Karnataka. Inspired by the Lord in his deepest meditation, a young saintly person handed over the wonderful idol of Lord Lakshminarasimha to Sri. U. Ve. Viraraghavacharya, a pious and scholarly devotee of the Lord, then residing at Mysore. Thus the Lord arrived at the devotee’s home on May 9th, 2003, a Friday, to everybody’s amazement. The arrival of Lord Narasimha saw a spurt in activities around HIM and paved the way for the establishment of a Gurukulam for Vedic and traditional studies.

Activities of the Temple

Nitya Yajna

A Daily Homa for world peace

Svati Yajna

A Monthly Homa for Universal Welfare


A Monthly 5-day Prayer Program

Temple Sevas

Shree Lakshmi Narahari Kainkarya Sevaka

Shree Lakshmi Narahari Kainkarya Poshaka

Shree Lakshmi Narahari Kainkarya Rakshaka