Kshetra Mahatmya

The Lord of Sri Mahalakshmi, Sriman Narayana incarnates himself in this earth to uplift the worldly-stricken human souls from the wheel of birth and death and bestow upon them the eternal bliss by making them reach his lotus feet. The Vedas and Shastras proclaim that even though the Lord is birthless, he takes birth to protect and bless his devotees and also absolve and liberate the sinners too.


Bhagavan Shree Lakshmi Narasimha manifested himself in this world not only to protect his loving child devotee Shree Prahlada but also to redeem the entire humanity from the clutches of evil thoughts, words and deeds and finally emancipate each and every soul. Swami Sri Vedanta Deshika pronounces that the entire world became Narasimha Garbham, (impregnated with the presence of the Lord) to fulfill the words of the child devotee

Shree Prahlada, who proclaimed the presence of the Almighty Lord in each and every atom of the Universe.The Lord’s manifestations are always mysterious and beyond human comprehension as it happened in the Narasimha Avatara, which appeared in this earth only for a few minutes. Even today, his wonderful manifestations are seen and experienced in Ahobila Kshetra, Sholingur, Namakkal, Simhachala, Mangalagiri and so many other places across the country.
One such wonderful manifestation happened in Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Kshetram, in Belagola village, also called as “Simha Giri”, located at Srirangapatna Taluk, Karnataka. In the year 2003, the Lord appeared in the meditation of a saintly person, instructing him to make a wonderful idol of the Lord and then hand it over to Sri. U. Ve. Viraraghavacharya, a pious and scholarly-devotee of the Lord,
then residing at Mysore. Thus the Lord arrived at the devotee’s home on May 9th 2003, a Friday, for everybody’s amazement. The saint who was instructed by the Lord too arrived and explained to everybody the Lord’s will and wish and instructed the housemates to take care of the Lord as their own child and do the Puja properly.
Since then activities started growing around the Lord with the first step of starting a Gurukulam for Vedic and traditional studies. There after Homams, Parayanams and various puja rituals started taking place. Monthly Svati Nakshatra Yajnam was started from June 2004. Nitya Yajna, a yajna being performed everyday by one of the inmates praying
for the welfare of everybody, was started in the year 2005. Since then everyday yajnam was performed praying to the Lord for the universal welfare.
Since 2003, an annual 10-day celebration marking the Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti has been happening, where all the Veda Parayanams, parayanams of Srimad Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavata and Divyaprabandha are also performed. And lot of Annadana is being performed to one and all.

All these activities culminated in building

a beautiful temple for the Lord as per the injunctions of Agama shastras. Instructed and inspired by the Lord in their intuitions,a righteous and devoted couple Sriman Nadathur Srinivasa Raghavan (N.S.Raghavan, founder member of Infosys) and Smt. Jamuna Raghavan came forward to buy the land and build the temple. The Bhumi Puja for the
Temple was performed on 6th of March 2009. Constructed only with granite stones without a bit of steel, the temple has been designed strictly in accordance with the Pancharatra Agama texts and the first stage of Garbhagruha, Mukhamandapa, Garuda Shrine were completed and the consecration was performed on June 1st 2012, a Friday, on the auspicious Chitra star.

Presently the Mahamandapa, Prakara and Rajagopura works are under process.
Since then the most beautiful and unparalleled Lord Shree Bhargava Narasimha along with the beautiful most consort Shree Yogalakshmi seated in His left lap has been showering His boundless grace on all the devotees and fulfilling all their prayers.